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  • September Player and LO of the Month

    Congratulations to: Gael Taran our September Player of the Month Dominicka2016 our September Land Owner of the Month

  • Player and Land Owner of the Month

    Congrats to our Player and Land owner of the Month for August Player of the month : Snow White (snowwhite7210 resident) Land Owner of the Month: Beau Burks

  • Player Points Rewards

    Player Points Rewards (*Replaces weekly contests) Earn a percentage of all points you collect (excluding mega coin’s) You may collect this reward from the Player Points ATM once every 7 Days It will be credited to your Treasure Quest Players Balance. The points ATM is located in the small building in the Treasure Quest skybox…

  • TQ article on SL Newser

    A big thanks to MajikVixen (bluevioletvixen.lorefield) who posted this review of us on SL Newser :  Treasure Quest Review on SL Newser    

  • New ATM is out

    We’ve put a new ATM out, it has several changes and fixes a few minor glitches. First, you must now wear your Treasure Quest Friends group tag to withdraw from the atm. Second, there is now a 400 L daily limit on the amount that can be withdrawln. This resets at midnight each night. Thanks, -Chris

  • Land Owner TOS Change

    A minor change to the Land Owners TOS for Treasure Quest. In order to be listed on the find lands page, Land Anchors must be rezzed on the parcel and be Visible and Accessible to all players. The change to TOS is to add the must be visible and accessible to all players. Thanks, TQ…

  • Flying and Camping

    Please respect land owners rules on No Flying and No Camping. Note*: No camping does not apply to those in the process of claiming a mega coin. Violaters will be subject to warnings and bans.

  • Mega Coins are in testing !!!

    Mega Coins are in testing !!!

    The new mega coins are being tested at HQ and Magnificent Cat Too. I will be posting a FAQ on them soon.  

  • Treasure Quest is now available to everyone!!!

    Treasure Quest is now available for sale. You can purchase it in world at Treasure Quest HQ: TP to Treasure Quest HQ   Its also available on Marketplace at this link: Treasure Quest Land Owners Pack  

  • Second Land Added to Treasure Quest.

    Please welcome Terry Williams and Stacy Williams. They are the second land to setup Treasure Quest, and have already held their first dash. Please visit their land and shops. S&S Designs  AND Gacha  SHOP And Game Tables http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Prouts%20Neck/44/32/22

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