Terms of Service

Treasure Quest Terms of Service

Treasure Quest Terms of Service

Please say THANK YOU in the Treasure Quest Friends chat for dashes and Mega Coins. A little gratitude goes a long way. Its HIGHLY recommended you pay attention to TQ chat, if you don’t you might miss important announcements.

You must be 120 days old to play Treasure Quest.

You must stay active in Treasure Quest or you will be removed from the game. If you do not collect a coin for 90 days you will be deemed inactive.

Failure to say thank you for a mega coin in the TQ Friends chat will result in a 60 day ban from TQ.

Excessive greed (Collecting only mega’s or gems) or similar behavior is grounds for a ban

Note: We run Voodoo security at HQ and you may be on their ban list. You can visit Voodoo’s website and follow the links and directions to get unbanned. If you have questions contact the support on their website and not Treasure Quest.

The following are all against our TOS, and subject to penalties from warning to permanent ban.

Treasure Quest (TQ) is about having fun. If you do not have a sense of humor, then this may not be the game for you. Holding any member of TQ’s right to have fun is strictly prohibited. Examples of this include (but are not limited to) intimidation, harassment, taking away one’s right to free speech, etc. For further details, please check Linden Labs TOS, found here: http://www.lindenlab.com/tos and the Community Standards found here: https://secondlife.com/corporate/cs.php

Furthermore, TQ group chat is for members only. It is a privilege for us to have you, and likewise, for you to be here. Any copy/pasted TQ chat or chat of its players within the TQ Group — shared outside this group WITHOUT explicit TQ Admin consent — is a violation of not only Linden Labs TOS (See links above), but also our TOS. Anyone found to be breaking these rules will be subject to an Official Linden Lab’s Abuse Report and other legal ramifications.

Player Infractions

•You must hunt all lands, hunting the same 3 or 4 big lands over and over is grounds for a ban.

•You are limited to 20 minutes at a land collecting coins unless collecting a mega or participating in a set of dashes.
If you are not collecting and are shopping or visiting a land for other reasons then this does not apply.
Keep in mind we know if you’ve been collecting or not!

• You must have the Treasure Quest Friends group tag visible in your groups.

• Land Owners, Partners, and Girlfriends/Boyfriends may not collect on their own parcel.

• TP to coin/gem, double click TP to coins/gems, TP a friend to coins/gems, sitting on or touch-holding a coins/gems to get to it quickly, and avoiding a set landing point for a TQ parcel are all NOT allowed.

• Pushing/Shoving: We have zero tolerance for deliberately pushing someone away from a coin/gem they are claiming. This is an instant ban from TQ.

• No teleporting others to coin/gems.

• You must wait 40 minutes between claiming megas (from payout of last mega to first click of next mega). They will not allow you to click until the 40 minutes is up.

• When teleporting to a TQ land, you must use the parcel’s Landing/Anchor Point.

• No Speed enhancers.

• TQ is a quest game, you must search for the coins/gems. Telling others placement of coins/gems/megas is against TOS and may result in a warning and/or ban.

• Verbal abuse between players in nearby chat or the TQ Friends chat group is not tolerated. This includes threats, foul lanquage, etc.

• Deliberately exploiting a bug in TQ or telling another player the existence of a bug that allows cheating etc is grounds for immediate ban

• Each player may collect up to two (2) Mega coins per player, per 24-hour time period (Not SL time cycle, but 24-hour real life time period). This is from collection point to click point.

• You may only claim ONE (1)Mega coin at a time.

•Limit of One (1) Mega coin per land parcel, per 24-hour real life time period.

• Limit of One (1) 500 L or greater mega coin per player per 24 hour real life time period.

• Clicking on Mega Coins is at your own risk. If you miss any AFK/Captchas, miss the final verification question, or anything else such as sim restart, bad internet connection, general LL/SL server issues, TQ is not responsible and will NOT pay out for it.

• Camming to coins/gems, area search, using radar, transparent mode, de-rendering are not allowed in Treasure Quest. You must search for the coins/gems, this is a Quest! If a coin/gem is not visible to you through normal view, then it stands that you may NOT click it or collect it. Users suspected of this type of violation are subject to warning and/or ban.

•Use of hovertext to find/identify coins is prohibited  as well, please disable hovertext in your viewer. If you’re not sure how ask in group chat.

• If you find an inaccessible coin/gem, in plain view that you cannot click on, please copy the location and IM/report it to one of the TQ moderators.

• No script counters or hacked viewers. (This is an immediate and permanent ban offense. In addition you will be abuse reported to LL as well.)

• Offering or asking for money in any way that compromises TQ’s fairness, or in an attempt to circumvent limits or rules, is an immediate ban

• If anyone is caught asking for funds to leave a coin/gem they are claiming OR offering any funds to anyone to leave a coin/gem, it is an immediate ban. Not only is it unethical and rude, its dishonest and can border on bribery.

Landowner Infractions

• All coins must be accessible to players, no hiding them inside objects. They may be partially hidden.

• A minimum of five (5) Cobalt .10 and five (5) Copper .25 coins — or any combination of 10 coins of equal or greater value — are required to be out at any given time. You also must have rezzed the land anchor at your landing point and be visible at all times. Other TQ items such as group joiner, hud vendor are optional items you can include on your land.

• No Private Parcels. At this time we have no plans to offer a private version of Treasure Quest.

•If your land options are set to Landing Point and your coins and anchor are not readily accessible from your landing point then you must provide signage and a teleport pad to the coins or your land may be removed from the active lands list

Treasure Quest is NOT responsible for issues cause by landowners, Linden Labs, your internet service provider, or any other third parties or events outside of our control.

The Treasure Quest logo and name may not be used on any item being offered for sale by any third party. Free items featuring the Treasure Quest logo or name may be made and given away only with the consent of StormyDaze15 and Chrs1969

We reserve the right to ban any avatar, at any time, for any reason.

Treasure Quest and its staff have NO control over who a landowner bans, that is between the land owner and the person banned.

Any attempts to hack, manipulate or cheat the system are subject to immediate and permanent ban.