Treasure Quest Players FAQ Page

  • What is Treasure Quest?
    • Treasure Quest is a game in Second Life to allow players to collect Lindens by clicking and claiming our coins and gems.
  • How do I Play?
    • Playing is simple, find a coin and click on it, wait until its ready to be claimed, answer the math question, and the Lindens are deposited into your Treasure Quest account.
    • Please read the Terms of Service. Clicking a coin means you agree to abide by them.
  • Where do I find coins?
    • You can use either the Find Lands page on this site (TQ Lands), or you can use our Treasure Quest Players Hud.
  • How do I collect my Treasure Quest balance?
    • Simply TP to the Atm at Treasure Quest Headquarters to cash out. (TQ Headquarters TP (You must have a balance of at least 1 Linden to make a withdrawl)
    • You must be in the Treasure Quest Friends group and be wearing your group tag to withdraw from your balance.
    • There is a 400 L daily limit on the amount you can withdraw.
  • I can’t TP to HQ, it says I’m too young or I’ve been ejected by Voodoo?
    • You must be at least 90 days old to teleport to HQ. Additionally, we run Voodoo security at HQ, you may be in their ban list.
  • Someone stole my Coin, what does that mean?
    • Some landowners have Steal enabled, when this is on your coin can be stolen, unless you Are within 3 meters when the claim time runs out, in which case nobody can steal it
  • What are the coin and gem values in Treasure Quest?


Wood Template Small Wooden Coin .05 L’s
Cobalt Template Small Cobalt Coin .10 L’s
 Copper Template Small Copper Coin .25 L’s
Silver Template Small Silver Coin .5 L’s
Gold Template Small Gold Coin 1 L’s
Tremolite Small Tremolite Gem 3 L’s
Rubelite Small Rubelite Tourmaline Gem 5 L’s
Danburite Small Danburite Gem 10 L’s
Mystery Small Mystery Item 1 to 5 L’s