Mega Coins

Mega Coins Information

Mega Coins are larger value coins worth from 25to 500 Lindons each. They take much longer to claim than regular coins, and follow different rules for claiming.

They are separate from regular Treasure Quest Coins, and have some special features:

    • They will announce themselves in the Treasure Quest Friends groups 3 separate times; After being hidden/funded, approximately 1 hour before they rez to be claimed, and immediately after being claimed.
    • They have much longer claim times due to their high payouts.
    • They perform distance and afk checks randomly throughout the claim cycle, don’t wander more than 10 meters from them.
    • They are not rezzed during dashes.
    • They are No Steal.
    • You may only claim ONE mega coin at a time.
    • No Camping rules do not apply when you are in the process of claiming a mega coin.
    • Two Mega coins per player per 24 hour SL day.
    • One mega coin per sim per 24 hour SL day.
    • Limit One x 500 L mega coin per player per 24 hour SL day.
    • If anyone is caught asking for funds to leave a coin/gem they are claiming OR offering any funds to anyone to leave a coin/gem, it is an immediate ban.

Not only is it unethical and rude, its dishonest and can border on bribery.

  • Click on Mega Coins at your own risk. If you miss the final verification question or something else such as sim restart, bad internet, general LL/SL server issues we are not responsible and TQ will not pay out for it.
  • Note: There is an error on the 75 L Pink Rose Mega coin, in the bottom text it says 200L’s, this IS a 75 L coin, issue will be fixed in future versions.
  • *Note: Landowners must have an anchor rezzed for mega coins to function.


Treasure Quest Mega Coins


Image Name Value Claim Wait Time Rez Time
Rainbow Template Rainbow Mega Coin 25 L’s 45 Minutes 3 Days
Mr Jinks Mega Coin 25 L’s 45 Minutes 3 Days
Pink Rose Too Template Pink Rose Too Mega Coin 25 L’s 45 Minutes 3 Days
Black Cat Template Black Cat Mega Coin 50 L’s 90 Minutes 7 Days
Pink Rose Template Pink Rose Mega Coin 75 L’s 135 Minutes 7 Days
Tropical Sunrise Template Tropical Sunrise Mega Coin 100 L’s 180 Minutes 10 Days
 Red Rose Template Red Rose Mega Coin 200 L’s 240 Minutes 14 Days
 300 L Template Yellow Rose Mega Coin 300 L’s 300 Minutes 14 Days
Ugly Terry Mega Coin 500 L’s 360 Minutes 14 Days



Mega Coin Payouts for Last 36 Hours

Note: All Times are in SL (Pacific) Time Zone