Land Owners

Land Owners Information

  • Why pick Treasure Quest?
    • We have great features and a great admin staff. We will help you generate traffic to your sim, and also help your players have a fun time while earning Lindens.
  • What features does Treasure Quest have?
    • 9 different coin and gem values, including a 1 to 5 L mystery item.
    • All our items are low prim (1 LI for coins and gems, 1 LI for ATM, 3 LI for Land Anchor)
    • Land Anchor allows you to quickly count the coins you have out.
    • Configure your parcel to be steal or no steal.
    • Coins and Gems have a randomization feature for re-rez, defeats players who “time” items, making it more fair for all.
    • Coins and Gems have the option for hide on rez for a random 10 to 30 minute period.
    • Dash feature, announce a Dash for Lindens at your sim and attract traffic instantly (A dash requires you have 8 Gold, 10 Silver, and 8 copper coins minimum rezzed on your parcel)
    • Low Tax Rate
    • Lands page will display your sim and rank
    • A minimum of 5 Cobalt .10 and 5 Copper .25 coins (or any combination of 10 coins of equal or greater value) are required to be out; you also must have the land anchor rezzed and visible (other items such as group joiner, hud vendor are optional).
    • No Private parcels.
    • If your land options are set to Landing Point and your coins and anchor are not readily accessible from your landing point then you must provide signage and a teleport pad to the coins or your land may be removed from the active lands list