RankLand NameOwnerRegionLand PointsSLURL
1Sirocco\'s Mega Maze 6.5.6SiroccoZephyrine ResidentLumiya174858Click to TP
2The Magnificent Cat Kittycats Storechrs1969 ResidentShocking Blue22895.8Click to TP
3MEGA COLLECTOR PERMAPETS FOR SALENew2017 ResidentPinemont12011Click to TP
4Exotic DiamondsKumaguroBunnyBear ResidentMountain Cove Equestrian9903.5Click to TP
5Lizzy\'s Treasures and PetsKumaguroBunnyBear ResidentOberon7564Click to TP
6TQ Winter is here and it\'s too cold land!chrs1969 ResidentMikon6947Click to TP
7Jenni\'s Advertising Center & MallJenni WitherspoonTrasimeno5950.5Click to TP
8The Magnificent Cat TooStormyDaze15 ResidentBillydale4864.3Click to TP
9Smitten With Kittens - HEMPoriumJenni WitherspoonHoran3922.7Click to TP
10Jenni\'s Creatures @ Stonerville Gardens Jenni WitherspoonAlpha Centauri3657.5Click to TP
11Talevin\'s Magic Sky VillageStormyDaze15 ResidentArginutti3254.5Click to TP
12Bayside FunzoneLuLavina ResidentCoral Reef2442.5Click to TP
13Linden Mystical Forest LuLavina ResidentCoral Reef2442.5Click to TP
14Tiger\'s LoveElayna StoneshieldJukko2250.5Click to TP
15Futhermucking FishingCharlye SteverusToxen215.5Click to TP
16Bayside FunzoneLuLavina ResidentRestful Pleasure0Click to TP
17* MarkLand * 1792 sqm Land in Georgi 615 primsLuLavina ResidentGeorgi0Click to TP
18Hayze Properties OfficePhyskedout ResidentTuzandi0Click to TP
19TQ Winter Wonderlandchrs1969 ResidentSunspot0Click to TP
20TQ Christmas Landchrs1969 ResidentHidesmore0Click to TP
21Passion Island Music VenueLuLavina ResidentKouros0Click to TP
22Futhermucking Fishing!Patricia VanlagerWajo Hill0Click to TP
23SPACE GARDEN!!!Jenni WitherspoonSuccubus0Click to TP
24Jenni\'s Creatures @ Stonerville Mall & GardenJenni WitherspoonBedenham0Click to TP