RankLand NameOwnerRegionLand PointsSLURL
1The ULTRA Mega Maze 7.1.3 (Remastered)Mariru256 ResidentFairy Forest92636.5Click to TP
2The Magnificent Cat Kittycats Storechrs1969 ResidentShocking Blue26982Click to TP
3Wikked Unseelie Kreatures Krafties PottedClarityLyric ResidentSwansea13831Click to TP
4MEGA COLLECTOR PERMAPETS FOR SALENew2017 ResidentPinemont10576Click to TP
5KRADITZIO FAMILY LANDKumaguroBunnyBear ResidentMountain Cove Equestrian9220Click to TP
6Lizzy\'s Treasures and PetsKumaguroBunnyBear ResidentOberon7042Click to TP
7Jenni\'s Advertising Center & MallJenni WitherspoonTrasimeno3788.1Click to TP
8Jenni\'s Advertising Center & MallJenni WitherspoonTrasimeno3369.1Click to TP
9Smitten With Kittens - HEMPoriumJenni WitherspoonHoran3099.5Click to TP
10JENNI\'S CREATURES @ STONERVILLE GARDEMJenni Witherspooncamandula2805.2Click to TP
11Jenni\'s Creatures @ Stonerville Mall & GardenJenni WitherspoonBedenham0Click to TP
12SPACE GARDEN!!!Jenni WitherspoonSuccubus0Click to TP
13ClarityLyric Designs // Color Me Sober By Jessie PClarityLyric ResidentNightshark0Click to TP