RankLand NameOwnerRegionLand PointsSLURL
1Moorslough Home and Business Center22katrina ResidentMoorslough353872Click to TP
2Misty\'s Home22katrina ResidentOlentyne325455Click to TP
3The Magnificent Cat Kittycats Storechrs1969 ResidentShocking Blue84450.8Click to TP
4^v^/JonCernunnos ResidentZamargad58507.5Click to TP
5The Magnificent Cat TooStormyDaze15 ResidentBillydale47166.5Click to TP
6The Magnificent Cat TooPinkDiamondLace ResidentBillydale43413.8Click to TP
7TRIPLE A KITTENS AND MOREAbbyDD ResidentMoonlight Delight39431Click to TP
8Ana\'s Landing -New Location-AnathemaEternal ResidentPluto31218Click to TP
9~TRUE HEART~KumaguroBunnyBear ResidentOcean Pointe26744Click to TP
10TQ Winter Wonderlandchrs1969 ResidentMikon25680.1Click to TP
11SMEXIIES ISLAND ;)moonandstars26 ResidentHaviland Falls17276.5Click to TP
12ANSHEX.COM - Full Prim for 14999L$/Week. IM JessiKumaguroBunnyBear ResidentVineyard Isles15551.5Click to TP
13Pokemon Uranium Link, Little Nuke\'s Play AreaTitanaArdillaFURRY ResidentBagat12731.5Click to TP
14Jenni\'s Advertising CenterJenni WitherspoonTrasimeno9732.8Click to TP
15Christmas KittyCatS & Biobreeds \" Nayru & Cain \"JPP54 BluebirdVIP9300Click to TP
16Stonerville Mall & GardenJenni WitherspoonCybrus8387Click to TP
17DRAGONS CLUB / MESH STORE xoxdamonxox1988 ResidentHarbinger8156Click to TP
18Talevin\'s Magic Sky VillageStormyDaze15 ResidentArginutti7275.5Click to TP
19Tiger\'s LoveElayna StoneshieldJukko5244Click to TP
20Live DJ ClubSheQBawy ResidentValerian4285Click to TP
21Dominicka Shopping Lounge Dominicka2016 ResidentBadger3535.5Click to TP
22Microcosm royyalk ResidentMicrocosm2850.5Click to TP
23~GALAXY LEGACY~KumaguroBunnyBear ResidentMidnight Sun0Click to TP