RankLand NameOwnerRegionLand PointsSLURL
1Sirocco\'s Tower 37/50 Floors.SiroccoZephyrine ResidentWhite Marsh91219.5Click to TP
2The Magnificent Cat Kittycats Storechrs1969 ResidentShocking Blue15352.9Click to TP
3The Magnificent Cat TooStormyDaze15 ResidentBillydale8317.4Click to TP
4TQ If I wanted to live in Arizona I\'d move there chrs1969 ResidentMikon6190.7Click to TP
5Jenni\'s Creatures @ Stonerville Mall & GardenJenni WitherspoonBedenham5835.8Click to TP
6Fire & IceKumaguroBunnyBear ResidentMountain Cove Equestrian5641.5Click to TP
7Jenni\'s Advertising Center & MallJenni WitherspoonTrasimeno4987.2Click to TP
8Lizzy\'s Treasures and PetsKumaguroBunnyBear ResidentOberon4589Click to TP
9Alice;s Boutuque aliceBtokelas FarquartSuccubus3640.5Click to TP
10Smitten With Kittens - HEMPoriumJenni WitherspoonHoran2506.2Click to TP
11Talevin\'s Magic Sky VillageStormyDaze15 ResidentArginutti2289.5Click to TP
12Tiger\'s LoveElayna StoneshieldJukko1687Click to TP