RankLand NameOwnerRegionLand PointsSLURL
1Sirocco\'s Tower 15 Floors.SiroccoZephyrine ResidentWhite Marsh217228Click to TP
2The Magnificent Cat Kittycats Storechrs1969 ResidentShocking Blue22820.2Click to TP
3MEGA COLLECTOR PERMAPETS FOR SALENew2017 ResidentPinemont19133Click to TP
4Fire & IceKumaguroBunnyBear ResidentMountain Cove Equestrian14643.5Click to TP
5*GEL* RentalsJorjaRose ResidentGEL Community13889Click to TP
6The Amaze Shop Select at Nautilus - Melqart MarkByron FaltaNautilus - Melqart12331.5Click to TP
7Lizzy\'s Treasures and PetsKumaguroBunnyBear ResidentOberon7503.5Click to TP
8TQ The Itsy Bitsy Spider is very dead landchrs1969 ResidentMikon6834.4Click to TP
9The Magnificent Cat TooStormyDaze15 ResidentBillydale5769.1Click to TP
10Jenni\'s Advertising Center & MallJenni WitherspoonTrasimeno4443.9Click to TP
11Jenni\'s Creatures @ Stonerville GardensJenni WitherspoonAlpha Centauri3740.5Click to TP
12Talevin\'s Magic Sky VillageStormyDaze15 ResidentArginutti2962Click to TP
13Smitten With Kittens - HEMPoriumJenni WitherspoonHoran2798.2Click to TP
14Tiger\'s LoveElayna StoneshieldJukko2043Click to TP
15Wikked Unseelie Kreatures Krafties Fennux ClarityLyric ResidentSwansea1572Click to TP
16GEL Amusement Park with THE Haunted Mansion (17thJorjaRose ResidentGEL Community 380Click to TP